DePaul University Rowing was established in 2012 and gained formal recognition from the United States Rowing Association in 2013. The team utilizes two separate facilities on the Chicago River for indoor- and water-training. Our women's and men's teams compete in regattas nationwide against other collegiate-club and varsity programs. Tryouts are held in the fall and practices are scheduled in the early morning during the academic year. DePaul University Rowing is very competitive; restructuring occurs at multiple points throughout the year to field the fastest boats possible. We welcome all, but in return we ask for dedication. We will teach you the rest.



Frances K. Mennone and Bruce H. Smith Boathouse

The main boathouse that DePaul Crew rows out of is located near DePaul University's Lincoln Park campus on Weed Street, just off the North and Clybourn intersection.  

WMS Boathouse

DePaul Crew members are also members of the WMS Boathouse at Clark Park, a state-of-the-art, multimillion-dollar facility designed by the renowned Studio Gang Architects. We utilize their indoor-rowing tanks and erging facilities year-round, and especially during the winter season. 



DePaul Univeristy Rowing was founded by the current Alumni Organization President, Dhir Desai. It was Desai who made the required connections to get the team off the ground, which included recruiting Thomas Lawrence, now a co-founder. An essential piece of the puzzle was also filled when the team recruited former UCSD oarsman and inaugural Program Director, William Scherba. Entering the 2014 season, the team recruited a former collegiate teammate of Scherba's, Justin Gordon, to assist in coaching and program development. In the continuing evolution of the program, Betsy Trevarthen was hired in the fall of 2014 as the novice coach for the first DePaul Women's crew, along with assistant coach Martha Sitkewitz.

Founding Crew / Hannah Laskey, Madeline Bolton, Kaila Smith, Mika Talwar, Olivia Knowlton,Elizabeth Walker

2015 President / Olivia Knowlton

2016 President / Madeline Bolton

2017 President / Katy Bozich

2018 President / Hannah Marquis

2019 President / Hannah Marquis 

Founder / Dhir Desai
Co-founder / Thomas Lawrence
Co-founder / William Scherba
Founding Crew / Dhir Desai, Thomas Lawrence, Christian Talbot, Michael Voss, Kyle Horn, Vito Presta, Kolton Kazlowski, John Daly, The Elam Jones, Gabriel Bordon, Adam Weiss, Nicholas Canella, Kelly Amos

2014 / Christian Talbot

2015 / Joe Kornblith

2016 / Connor Enright

2017 / Cory Esposito

2018 / Martin Talbot

2019 / Ethan Densmore